Dalton Water Association, Inc.
Serving the Citizens of Dalton Gardens

Dalton Water Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed in 1945 to provide drinking water to the residents of the City of Dalton Gardens. Approximately 2200 residents are served. The association is governed by a board of directors. Board meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in Dalton Gardens City Hall - 6360 N 4th St.

The association's water source is the Spokane Valley - Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. Water is pumped from the aquifer by two wells to two storage reservoirs and then distributed through mains to the residents of Dalton Gardens. Numerous tests are conducted on a monthly and yearly basis to insure that the drinking water is safe and clean. To review the Water Quality Report view our CCR Report.

The association has adopted a cross-connection control program to prevent contamination of the water system. If a cross-connection exists, the appropriate backflow devices must be installed to prevent contamination of the drinking water system. Our CC Program page allows you to obtain the latest information and testing forms.


Payment of all water charges are due on or before the end of the billing month. Any account that has a balance owing after 30 days will be assessed a $15 late fee, plus an additional 1.5% finance fee on excess water charges, if applicable. Any account that has a balance owing after 60 days will be assessed an additional $30 late fee, plus an additional 1.5% finance fee on excess water charges, if applicable, and water services will be discontinued.

The water turn-off fee will be $25 and the turn-on fee will be $25. Before water service can be restored, the delinquent account must be paid in full, including assessed late fees, finance fees, and turn-off/turn-on fees that are due on the account.

The returned check fee will be $30.

Dalton Water Association understands that hard times can occur and we want our members to know that consideration can be given to those situations. Please complete the Hardship Application and return to the office. Your application will be presented to the board at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

The 2017 reviewed financial statements and the 2017 Exempt Organization Tax Return are available upon request at the office. The office is located at 6360 N 4th St., Dalton Gardens, ID.


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